Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A rose by any other name

So long, CJ. Hello, Sunny!

Just a housekeeping announcement to let you know that my new bloggy name is Sunny. Yep, CJ is out the window. This change was born from my other blog, and if you'd like to read how it came to be, click here. So if you see a comment on your blog from someone named Sunny, it's either from that new intern on Scrubs, or it's me.

My only hesitation in eagerly donning this new nickname was that it doesn't really fit with this blog. When I talk about infertility, the last thing I feel is sunny.

The fact is, though, unlike primary infertility (when it was All Depression, All The Time), my life during secondary infertility is more Bipolar so far.

Because I absolutely adore being a mother to my son, and I am deeply and deliriously happy being home with him. He is truly a blessing, and I couldn't be more grateful for each moment that I can gaze on his sweet little face.

In that way, my life has never been sunnier.

But of course the infertility is the crappiest of the crap. Are there worst things that could happen to me? Certainly. I can still count my blessings and be really super pissed off and bitter.


Anyway, this is Sunny. Signing out.


  1. I think primary infertility has caused Bipolar for me. One minute I am excited and hopeful. Then next not so much. Anyway I like the new name.

  2. Hi. I'm a new reader. Found you via the Amazing Mel's list when seeking other moms who are experiencing Secondary Infertility.

    I soooo relate to being wonderfully happy with my sweet daughter, but still feeling "infertility is the crappiest of the crap," as we TTC a sibling. Sighs.

    LOVED your Show&Tell...I'm also love to read, but have never met a famous author in person---too cool! :)

  3. Howdy, Sunny. I'm still a bit in denial about trying for #2. I thought I was facing my fears, but when I met with Nurse RE yesterday, I couldn't help but feel hopeful, so I dread a reality check.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have a few questions for you about infertility if your up to it...can you e-mail me?


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