Sunday, June 28, 2009

Because it feels good to have a plan

DH and I have agreed on a TTC plan.

1. Max 2 IUIs with Follistim, first cycle in July, ony one IUI per month (not back-to-back). If not pregnant, then...

2. Max one more year "natural" TTC. If not pregnant, then...

3. Discuss option of IVF. Beg DH to agree to IVF. Devise way to steal DH's sperm and undergo IVF without his knowledge. If not pregnant, then...

4. The end. Family vacation! Wally World, anyone?

Okay, so maybe we didn't quite "agree" on #3. But we are making progress. Gotta love any plan that reduces the worst experience of my life (IF) to four deceivingly simple bullet points.

Does it make me sound twisted... if I admit that I can't wait to stab myself in the stomach with that damn Follistim pen?


  1. Glad you have a plan. Wow, first cycle in July. That is soon - very exciting.

    Great that you will be able to still feed the Bean through all of this, too.

  2. Plan = way to go! I always feel better having me more peace of mind. Thrilled for you and DH! (Bean too.) :)

  3. A plan gives you some time in the driver's seat. Here's hoping you don't have to go to step 3, that 1 or 2 bring you a healthy sibling for your Bean.

  4. My definition of "plan" has always been "knowing what step comes after my current step." So, since you're on step 1 now, you have a plan in my book, even if step 3 is still up in the air a bit. Congrats! (And I hope that step 1 is all that you need!)

  5. I agree with Nicky. You don't have to agree on step 3 year. Besides, I'm hoping there is nothing after step 1. Crap, I just said the "H" word again.

  6. Ugh. Step two makes me tense. Come on, step 1!

  7. Goody!! right? Steps in the proactive direction always make me feel better :)


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