Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I took soy isoflavones to boost ovulation, and all I got was this lousy cyst

Well, I'm not entirely sure I have a cyst. Unfortunately, having a personal ultrasound machine in your home is rather cost-prohibitive, limiting it to the rich and insane. So this is just a guess.

To rewind, last month I ovulated on CD 25. Which sucks. A general rule is that if you ovulate after CD 22, your follicle did not produce a good egg. (Kinda like overcooking a cake in the oven.) So this cycle, I decided to try using soy isoflavones, which is a supplement you can take that is supposed to work like Clomid does to produce a stronger ovulation. Of course, Clomid didn't work for me in the past, but I don't have a lot of options.

I took the soy iso for five days early in my cycle. I could definitely feel "something" happening, and on CD 22, I finally ovulated. Not fabulous, but an improvement over the previous month.

Ovulation was strong and hurt like a bitch, similar to what it was like when I was taking fertility meds. However, even now that I am several days past, I can still feel something in my ovary. It's not pain. Just... something. Like a pebble or a poke, usually when I bend or turn to the side.

Possibly a cyst.

Developing cysts while on fertility treatments is a dreaded, but common, side effect. It can derail treatments faster than a lapse in insurance coverage. I never had a single cyst during the 13 months I was taking the drugs before, but there's a first time for everything. If my hunch is right about this, I am definitely out this month. Five weeks and a bottle of riesling wasted. (Okay, maybe not entirely wasted...)



  1. ok, of course im not a doctor, but were you ever prescribed glucaphage? i, as well as 2 other friends had irregular periods and after taking it, our periods got more regular. this 2nd time around, my general doc prescribed to me. anyway, just thinking out loud here!

    hang in there, c!

  2. Thanks Lisa... I looked it up, and that drug seems to be metformin, which they often prescribe for PCOS or diabetes. It's worth asking the doc about, but I don't really think it fits my situation. :/ I think the wacky cycles are still due to BFing.

  3. I HATE cysts. They never hurt for me but boy did they screw up the whole getting pregnant thing :(

  4. if it makes you feel better i never ever felt fertility drug induced cysts so it may not be a cyst. fingers crossed that its a corpus luteum and not a cyst ;)

  5. I'm late here, but I hope my question will be answered.....I o'd on CD 26 and conceived that cycle after trying for 15 cycles. The baby developed h/b which was heard and seen, but stopped growing during the 8th week. Could this have happened because it was a bad egg? I had never heard that Oing after CD 22 gives you a bad egg. Please explain!

    1. I o'd very late in my cycle with my daughter and went on to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I asked my doctor if oing late was going to cause problems (because I was concerned that an older egg wouldn't develope well) and he assured me that everything would turn out fine, and it did! Don't give up. Good luck to you!

  6. Anonymous: I'm so sorry for your loss. :( To answer your question, I'd be surprised if your late ovulation caused a miscarriage. From what I understand, the "overcooked egg" can make fertilization/implantation difficult because it's a bit overripe, but I have not heard that it will lead to miscarriage if you do conceive. Sadly, loss in the first trimester is fairly common... I hope it's just a fluke that does not repeat! If I were you, if you haven't already, I would head the OB/GYN for some basic tests for you and your significant other, and see about getting a script for Clomid.

  7. I sometimes get the exact pain you described after ovulation that goes away about 3 days or so after...but I took soy isoflavones this cycle and was in miserable pain for the whole week BEFORE I ovulated! I think soy had to be the culprit. Did you do clomid w/your twins? My hubby and I are debating going that route since it's been a year w/no luck and I have PCOS. -ashley

  8. Ashley - I did 8 rounds of Clomid when trying to conceive our son, and despite having a nice big fat follie every month (and my husband testing perfectly) we never conceived. Our son was conceived on Follistim, an injectible medicine. When we were ready for another child, I went straight to the Follistim because I had HAD IT with the Clomid -- the horrible side effects and no results! I am a huge fan of Follistim, personally, but it's worth trying Clomid first. Good luck to you!

  9. I tried 4 rounds of clomid. I had subsequent months of cysts.. Is it common for a doctor to agree to Follistim? It's something I'd be willing to try!

  10. Anonymous on April 27 - If you are seeing your regular general practitioner or OB/GYN, they will likely not do Follistim with you. You will need a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) who will probably want to do testing and then can prescribe Follistim if that is indicated. Good luck!

  11. Hi did you find out what was >??? a corpus luteum or a cyst ?

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