Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When they say infertility is a rollercoaster, it's really quite true. One minute you are up -- buoyed by good news at the RE's office, a well-timed ovulation, or was that a twinge in my uterus? during your TWW. Then you are down. AF has come, insurance won't pay, the diagnosis is grim.

After the little whine-and-cheese party I threw in my last post, I'm feeling better this week. Which I'm sure is in no small part due to my hormones recovering from the AF swing. But today I'm going to be positive for a change and share the small blessings that have brought me back up from the most recent low.

* Yesterday, the mailman brought the giveaway package I won from Martha at A Sense of Humor is Essential. I am sipping coffee from the mug as I type this post, and if you were sitting next to me, you'd catch the light, summery scent of the body lotion.

* Speaking of the mailman, I also got two new cloth diapers in the mail yesterday. They are so adorable that I almost nibbled them to pieces right out of the bag. Even DH likes them, and he hates cloth diapering with a burning passion is not exactly the "poster husband" for cloth diapering.

* April of April Showers Blog Design finished the first draft of the new look for my other blog, which has outgrown its theme. It is WAY too cute. Coming soon!

* I am halfway through the second book of the MacCarrick Brothers series by my favoritest author, Kresley Cole. I was so giddy reading it last night that DH commented with a smile, "I think I'm going to have to commission more Kresley Cole books for you."

* Hubby is in a great mood, too. He says it's because I'm happy, which always makes him happy. But I'm thinking it might also be a bit of IF denial (He asked: "Is it just me, or does it seem like we are NOT in the middle of a treatment cycle right now?" Answer: "It's just you.") or even GASP! some of that elusive hope that I am so lacking (He asked with a grin and wide eyes: "Can you imagine, we could be holding a newborn baby in nine months!" Answer: "Only if one of our friends is getting knocked up this month.").

* I got an email from one of the moms in my preschool group. (I am "out of the IF closet" with them, and they have been so wonderful to me!) She said she's been thinking about me and wants to offer support any way she can, especially knowing that my family is far away. Totally, totally sweet.

* My calendar is jam packed for the next couple of weeks, and not just with doctor appointments! I will definitely need the distraction. Among the highlights, more outings with bloggy buddies! Involving two of my favorite things about Seattle, no less: the amazing cupcakes and the beautiful outdoors.

* DH and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary on Sunday. I have the babysitter coming over, we are going to see Harry Potter and then get dinner. I am so excited! For gifts, we got ourselves tickets to see the play Wicked in early September. I can't wait to go out on the town with my man.

* As I was leaving a MOMS Club activity yesterday, I felt especially grateful for the wonderful women I have met out here. I wasn't thrilled to move in the first place, especially to somewhere so far away and unknown to me as the Pacific Northwest. Of course I researched schools, housing prices, commute, amenities, etc. in picking exactly where to live in the Seattle area. But the one thing that is difficult to assess beforehand is how well you'll mesh with the locals. I had low expectations of fitting in, being a consummate Midwesterner myself. But wow, I would never have imagined how friendly and welcoming everyone has been to me.

* The pooch got a bath, she's super soft again. It's impossible to be too sad when there is a fluffy white creature lounging around your couch. You know, resting up after a three-hour nap.

* My happy little toddler loves his mama more than anything in life. Cuddles to prove it.

So what is making you happy today?


  1. Yay for seeing Harry Potter this weekend. (Oh yeah, and for celebrating your anniversary! Hah.) It was such a great movie. I don't know if it's the HP-withdrawal, but I seriously loved it.

    I'm happy because today is my day off with the kiddo, and he has been napping peacefully for almost 3 hours. I'm also happy because I have dinner figured out - and it's only 4:00pm, which is fantastic for me. :)

  2. Woo Hoo, I love this post!!! I too hate hate hate the rollercoaster. Just try to stay busy and keep on plugging. You knows fingers and toes and everything else is crossed, just let me know which day to sing the song and I'm there!!!

  3. My hubby doesn't like the cloth either. I would have thought that saving him money and me doing the washing would have worked in their favour but he still has his back up about the $300 'signing up fee' (and we still only have enouhgt for part time cloth, imagine when I ask for more!).

    I hope that all the good things are keeping you busy and happy. Fingers still crossed for you.

  4. I'm reading a great book. I also got word that my busted frames (glasses) are still under warranty! And cupcakes. I'm incredibly happy about real cupcakes.

  5. Hey, we're going to see Wicked, too! End of August. Can't wait. We're going for my birthday, which was back in March, so it's been a loooong wait.

    Glad you're feeling better!

    (Also... "It's just you." Hee hee. Guys are funny sometimes.)

  6. I'm soooo jealous about Wicked, and that you can get your hubby to go. Not a chance in the world of getting Jeramy out to see it. We do get to go see Harry Potter in a week and a half.

    It's good that you've had lots of distractions!

  7. You're so perky! I'm working on my perk. I'm totally happy though because a very competent classmate from grad school emailed me today about applying for an open job here! I love working with smart people.

    I want to see HP. We have free movie tickets burning a hole in our proverbial pocket

  8. Your happy mood is contagious, Thank you dear Sunny. I am so glad you got the package. xx

  9. I am glad you are feeling up right now. Happy Anniversary!!!

    don't ya just love getting goodies in the mail!


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