Monday, July 27, 2009

So... do I sound pregnant?

Thanks for all the good thoughts yesterday. The IUI went off perfectly.

As perfectly as having a catheter shoved up your hoo-ha can go, at least.

Isn't this fun?!

We showed up at 8:30 am for our *ahem* deposit. Then we had over an hour to kill before our IUI. I knew my brain was going to start bleeding if I heard another John Secada song piped into the waiting room, so we decided to bolt. Fortunately Jen had suggested beforehand that we go to Grand Central Bakery down the street. DH and I both got coffee (decaf for me -- not giving the pregnancy fairy another reason to pass me over) and bread pudding. Yum.

We got back around 9:45 am. DH and I read our books while we waited: "If you Deceive" for me and "Firestorm: Allied Airpower and the Destruction of Dresden" for him. I thought it would be funny if we sat down and started reading each other's books. You know, DH getting engrossed in a romance novel with two lovers on the front, their bodies passionately entwined under a Scottish tartan thing. Not that anyone there would have noticed. Infertiles are generally a serious bunch in these waiting rooms. The tension! Even my karaoke version of a Mariah Carey song went unappreciated.

The nurse who performed the IUI was friendly. It went smoothly, no problems. DH and I stayed another 15 minutes after our menage a trois so I could keep the old hips propped. Then it was off to our romantic anniversary brunch!

DH had made reservations for the two of us at Salty's on Alki Beach, which is famous for its amazing brunch buffet and views of Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. I was reminded yet again that although I have many talents, buffeting is not among them. There's just too much pressure when you have limited stomach space and an enormous spread of food that stretches around the room. How do you know you got the best combination? Plus, I generally don't like breakfast food or most seafood, and well... yeah, this was a seafood breakfast buffet. Didn't really think that one all the way through. Nevertheless, I did find some delish dishes to nosh, and the view really was spectacular. Not to mention the company.

Now I am 1 DPO. I feel like I've had this giant "1" following me around all day, like the "U" that followed Lionel Riche around on Sesame Street while he sang "Stuck on You." That totally freaked me out when I was little, it was all clinging to him and he looked upset trying to pry it off. I assume he got that thing off eventually, but as a kid I was worried! Anyway, yes, the TWW has begun, and I feel every second of it.

This wait will be different, as it's the first cycle I am on progesterone following ovulation. My blood test did not indicate that I have low progesterone, but Dr. Downtown's motto is, "Why not?" (My answer: "Umm... my time, effort, and money. Not to mention the lovely leakage. But you're the doc!") So anyway, this progesterone is going to throw off all my normal symptom analysis. And I was also looking forward to the shorter LP that comes with injectible cycles, but now I'm wondering if the progesterone supplements will lengthen it again? Time will tell.

Just because I'm a downer like that, I constantly remind myself that even under the best conditions, the most optimistic success rates for IUIs with injectibles is 20%. So a whopping 80% chance that I will have to do this again next month.

I'm exhausted already.


  1. Successful pregnancy thoughts being sent your way!!! I was practically crying at the Lionel Richie and U thing...hilarious!!! I often wonder what freaks our little ones out and why, but your reasoning makes perfect sense. Anyway, while risking giving myself a wicked headache, I am sending you pregnancy vibes as we speak!!! Can you sense them? ;) Thinking of you guys! -Sarah

  2. YAY! You are PUPO now! I am so glad you got to go to Salty's even if you didn't love the spread. Gorgeous, right?

    Oh, yes, the Infertiles in the waiting room at our clinic are cranky. Not that they don't have a reason to be, but I am chatty, and no one ever wanted to engage in "what are you in for" banter with me. Jeez.

    Hoping the progesterone prevents you from analyzing all your symptoms and lets you enjoy our humid, sweltering weather.


  3. Why, yes. You do!

    Here's hoping...

  4. Haha, you really should look up the Lionel Richie Sesame street thing on you tube. It may help you heal with your childhood fears (and if Bean enjoys sitting on your lap watching you tube sesamet street as much as Champ does you may be able to get some blogging/emailing/shopping in while you are at it!).

    Best of luck with the 2WW.

  5. Now I really want to see that Lionel Richie segment from Sesame Street. I'm off to YouTube, but first, super duper fertile, preggy, sticky 20% vibes coming your way!

  6. I am keeping everything crossed for you honey!!! I hope this is it!


  7. Just found your blog and praying for you!! We are also in the Seattle area and dealing with all of this infertility stuff is lonely and makes you go crazy!! Wishing you all of the best!!

  8. Mmmm...bread pudding. Don't you love how all my comments revolve around the food discussed on your blog?

    All fingers are crossed so that next month, the only time you have to see Dr. Downtown is for a u/s to see a new little Bean.

  9. Wishing you luck, and crossing all things that are appropriate to cross. Good luck with the wait!

  10. I am glad things went well. I am keeping everything crossed and sending you lots of baby dust!

  11. You DO sound pregnant! I'm hoping I'm right!

    Also, I totally remember that crazy letter following Lionel Ritchie - very stalker!

  12. Wishing, praying, and hoping for you guys! Happy Anniversary, too! You guys are a great couple and great parents too--it just seems right that another baby will be coming your way on your lucky
    #7 anniversary.

  13. Hang in there, hoping for the best. Your anniversary sounds lovely well except for the leakage.

  14. You should get an award - literally the only blog entry I can ever remember reading about an IUI that made me laugh. Now I'm going to be thinking of my inseminations as a menage a trois .... hopefully it'll be the cute nurse in the room. ;)


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