Monday, August 10, 2009

Charting the course

I've given some thought to how I want to handle this blog, now that I am pregnant. I've still got a long way to go before I have a living baby in my arms, and I won't consider myself out of the "active" phase of infertility until that happens. If, God forbid, something bad happens to this pregnancy, I will blog about it here.

But just maybe the Universe is on my side, and come mid-April, from my abdomen will spring a real live actual human baby.

Between now and then, I plan to use this blog to talk about pregnancy and parenting after infertility. I first joined the blogosphere when I was pregnant with Bean, and I wished I could have found more women talking about what happens to an infertile after the BFP. More specifically, I felt different than a "normal" pregnant woman, and I wanted validation and support with that.

I won't be sharing baby bump photos, ultrasound pictures, and nursery designs here. You won't find a due date countdown on this site. I've decided to keep all of that kind of stuff on my other blog, Sunny in Seattle. (Which is under construction right now, by the way. Please forgive the dust and debris.) This will remain the place where I can talk about my feelings about infertility, how it affects me as a preggo, and how it affects me as a mother.

If and when the baby comes, I will re-evaluate. But for now, that's the plan. I hope you'll stay.


  1. Well, i am so excited to be reading your journey and REALLY happy that you got the BFP!!!!

  2. You are so right: pregnancy after IF is soooo different and so many of us know that first hand. I keep thinking "if I get to have these babies... then I will be out of the present tense of infertility" but I still think of it as "if". You are not alone, and we are here to listen to each worry and joy!

  3. I think the hardest part of being pg after battling IF is that you feel somewhere stuck in the middle. The scars remain from IF yet you it seems some folks think you "cured" even if you dont always feel that way. We are all here for you along this journey and I look forward to reading still!

  4. I'm lucky enough to be pregnant again after secondary infertility (getting pregnant with my daughter was not a struggle). And I'm RIGHT THERE--I'm excited, but muted, I don't know where I fit. All the pregnant people who haven't gone through IF and loss are so...giddy. I want to be there, but at the same time I don't--I feel like they're so unprepared for what could happen, so in that regard I'm a downer. I look forward to reading as you deal with this too!

  5. I just found you today - although I can't remember how but I wanted to say Hi from another Seattle area infertile. I'll be here reading along!

  6. I love how you are being honest and open about your pregnancy. I will be here, cheering you along every step of the way!

  7. Dear Sunny,

    Of course, I will stay!!! If you read my posts here and there, you would now that I do not shy away from preggo bloggers at all.

    And I am sucker for baby bumps and beautiful pictures, so I guess, Sunny in Seattle will also mark its entry into my blogroll.

    I wish you a very happy healthy pregnancy. April is good. My DH incidentally is an April product. :-)

    Good Luck!

  8. I'm certainly staying, and I think you should use this blog for whatever you feel like. If that includes a baby ticker and bump photos, do it! I'd love to see that, actually. Guess I'll be strolling over to your other blog more frequently.

  9. Finally catching up after my vacation...

    --CONGRATS! SUPER thrilled for you and your DH! And of course I'll still read and cheer you on....isn't that what this community is about?

    --Happy (late) anniversary to you and DH.

    --Your post with the quote: "Putting this much time, energy, and money into the dream of growing our family is overwhelming," really struck a chord with me. So perfectly stated.

    --Never heard of Kresley Cole, but you've got me wanting to read the MacCarrick Brothers series now.

    I think I'm caught up now... :)

  10. (((running off to add another blog to my reader)))


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